What could be so dark, corrupt and deceptive in this seemingly civilized world to be found in one of Germany’s richest cities that the artistic needs for an awakening of this deep slumber, for a liberation of the decadent bondage and a pointing towards how it should  and could be better give birth to a band like ASTRAYA?

The dreaminess of how it could be, the lament about what might be forever lost and locked away, paired with an unrelenting rage about the unbearable presence and brutalization: this is what the open-minded audience can expect on ‘Myth of Dike”, the new LP of this promising post-alternative rock band from Stuttgart, which is out now!

The explosive mix which paints vast landscapes of calm, just to tear them down unexpectedly, demands the listener to show the same dedication to the emotional highs and lows which the five musicians intended on creating their art.

After having hit the scene in 2019 with their first EP “Black Awakening”, which met great reception in one of Germany’s biggest rock and metal magazines and had world wide airplay in well-known alternative rock stations, ASTRAYA set a constant mark of uproar and want to take the listener upon a journey to new horizons of realization, whether those are dark or full of light.

The 100% hand made, authentic and at times looming wall of sound is crowned by the ethereal and engaging vocals of their singer Melina Abele, who often enough uses her voice like another instrument and which rests like a gleam of sun rays upon dark clouds.

You hardly can escape the urgent call of ASTRAYA’s music, and if you are under it’s spell you will have a hard time letting it go.


Melina Abele (vocals)
Benny Gölz (guitars)
Tim Suske (guitars)
Tobi Hänsel (bass)
Klaus Wintermayr (drums)

01578/7424434 (Benny Gölz)






11/05/2024 – Bokle, Radolfzell

16/03/2024 – QLTourRaum Übelmesser, Heubach

24/06/2023 – Summerrockfestival, Süßen

06/05/2023 – Club Zentral, Stuttgart

24/02/2023 – die Halle e.V., Reichenbach an der Fils

21/01/2023 – Alte Mühle, Filderstadt

25/06/2022 – Schlampazius, Stuttgart

18/01/2020 – Krypta, Göppingen

20/12/2019 – Kulturbetrieb Zappa, Schwäbisch Gmünd

02/11/2019 – Treppenhaus Rohrschach, Schweiz


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