ASTRAYA is a Post-Alternative Rock Band from Stuttgart, Germany. Their unique sound hails directly out of a parallel universe. Spherical post-rock meets metal meets great emotion. All of this paired with a certain amount of world weariness and the longing to be somewhere far away. They mourn about the coarsening of society and deal with questions about our existence. Their goal is to conquer the stages of our world and enchant us with their music. Epic vocals, exceptional guitar riffs and a dark melancholic spirit are the ingredients.

“The music picks up the atmosphere of the dutch pioneers The Gathering. The songs are built on heavyness and elegy.”
Legacy Magazine

“Delivering a very well-done mix of Progressive Rock and Postrock, with beautiful melodies and a great vocal, in addition to a good weight, when the music calls for it.”
– Roadie Metal

“Epic vocals surrounded by hypnotive instrumental interludes, compactly interpreted.”
– Distrito Uve

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“Stepping out of the shadow, hiding in them. Scared of how less we understand, how less
we know. Wasting time, wasting energy, stumbling around like maniacs, keeping us busy
with useless stuff, but matter is just an imagination and everything ends in nothing.
What’s the purpose in all that, if living feels real, but present is fast fading into past.”

 Matter (A cosmic pluralism)