“Onwards to Olympos will in due time depart off spacious earth, cloaking the gorgeous body with white garment. Fleeing far off the hassle of man to the tribe of the eternals. Shame and fear of mortal man will remain. Darkest sorrow, and no aid to be seen among all the misery.”



We are happy to announce that our EP “Black Awakening” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Enjoy listening!



The unique sound of ASTRAYA hails directly out of a parallel universe. Spherical post-rock meets metal meets great emotion. All of this paired with a certain amount of world weariness and the longing to be somewhere far away. They mourn about the coarsening of society and deal with questions about our existence. Their goal is to conquer the stages of our world and enchant us with their music. Epic vocals, exceptional guitar riffs and a dark melancholic spirit are the ingredients.

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